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Catapult shot Video...Funniest audio I've heard in a while


The following is a link to a video of U.S. Navy carrier operations. The clip is from a documentary called Speed and Angels. The audio at 1:12 or so, of a pilot’s first cat shot, had me in tears! Enjoy :slight_smile: Oh yeah, language is not safe for work or kids!


Kool video - PS I like your Avatar!!

This one is a re-post but a ‘fun’ video,

YouTube over two million views!!!


Love the Hawkeye flyby! :smiley:


You can watch Speed & Angels in its entirety here:


Excellent film on what it takes to fly an F-14 Tomcat for the US Navy. (Not that you could do that anymore)


Re: first youtube posted here

I’ll have what she’s having.


I was watching that without a headset on, my gf asked me if I was watching porn or something :laughing:


Holy crap! You’re girlfriend is right!!!