Can't auto update from the "site configuration/control panel "

I’m currently on PiAware 5.0, when I try to update it to 7.1 from the site configuration\control panel I get see this every time.

[2022-02-15 15:08 EST] child process 17792 exited with status EXIT 100de here

Any ideas on what to do or how to update it?

Do you mean PiAware 5.0? I think SkyAware is just your local map display on and is part of the PiAware image.

Hi, I apologize I was typing to quickly. I meant PiAware 5.0. I’m unable to update it from 5.0 to 7.1 from Site Configuration page when I send the “Upgrade and Restart PiAware” it does not work for me. Any advice?

Hard to tell without proper logs, but it is probably the issue described here:

please try the instructions there, or reimage with a fresh 7.1 image.


That worked! Thank you!!

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