Cannot view individual flights

Searched the forum for this problem and couldn’t find it. If this is a repeat, I apologize.

When I launch FA I can view the traffic for my preferred airport. However, when I click on any flight (Ident) to view the entire flight or its progress, the map is blank…no aircraft, roads, bodies of water, etc. This occurs for any flight and any location. This is a capture of a random flight I clicked on:

Thanks for any information.

What browser and version are you using?

Chrome (latest version). the problem started about the same time as the “upgrade”. Must be the issue because I just used Internet explorer and all is fine. Are the maps Flash?

The maps are not Flash-based, they’re just straight JavaScript. Off the bat, this looks like the client-side maps failed to get the flight data needed to draw the map. In that case, the map tends to default to viewing [0,0], which is located in the middle of the Atlantic. Do the map controls still work when this happens? Specifically, are you able to zoom out and eventually see the continents?

Sorry for the delayed response…work you know. The answer to your question is NO for everything. You can see from my pic that the controls for zoom are missing and when I scroll the page scrolls instead of the pic. Just from the page reacting this way I’m confident that the pic is not zooming in and out. Also, the + symbol upper right in the pic for changing layers is non-functioning. Click on it and the “popup” does not slide out to make changes. Bottom line…nothing works.

UPDATE - did some background checking and find that beginning with v. 42 Chrome is no longer supporting Java NAPI plugins. Sure enough, checked my installation and found that Java is no longer an installed plugin. Here’s what I really don’t understand though: The interactive map displays and operates perfectly fine for airports, but they do no work for individual flights. I can zoom, slide the map and see the terrain and flights in that area, but if I click on one of the flights seen in the map, the flight’s map is as described above.

Java and Javascript are completely different things, despite the name.

Thanks. Do you have any information regarding the situation at hand?

OK, thanks for the additional info. Looks like this isn’t the issue that I thought it might be. I dug through our error logs and found some pertinent information so we can start investigating. Unfortunately I don’t have much idea what the cause is so far, but we have a bug open to address the issue.

Thanks again for reporting this!

Hi Markaz,

Not sure if this will help you but it helped me with the Chrome issue.

Do the following.

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome.
  2. Type exactly as shown into the URL area: chrome://plugins
  3. Scroll down to Adobe Shockwave Flash.
  4. Check box “always allowed to run”
  5. Close Chrome completely, then re-open.

I had the same problem as you did but I don’t anymore. When Chrome done their recent update, they switched off Adobe Flash Shockwave by default.

As I say, that fixed my issue, hope it works for you too. If it doesn’t, I hope FA support come back with a different answer.



Thanks for the reply, Karl. I hadn’t even noticed that Chrome had unchecked that box, but it would make sense as they move a way from Flash altogether. I did uncheck it and restart and nothing changed. It’s just so odd that the same type of map works well with all airports, but with individual flights it loses all functionality.

I failed to mention in previous posts that the**+My FA** button on the flight pages does not function as well. When hovering the mouse over the button it blinks like it is an active link, but clicking on it nothing happens.

Sounds like you have a unique issue with Chrome Markaz, as my “My FA” button works perfectly well under Chrome.

Anyway mate, I hope you get it sorted soon and apologies I couldn’t help you any further.

Best, Karl

I inspected the Chromes javascript console for errors on the pages that do not display and there is one constant error that appears:

As I said, I have no idea if this information is beneficial but hope it is. Not being able to view these maps is nothing short of driving me nuts. Thanks for any information you can provide in trying to solve this.


I was emailing Flightaware’s support regarding this and was advised to delete all flightaware cookies. I did so and now the maps for individual flights have full functionality. I can’t thank Andrew Taylor and all of the other team members in Customer Support enough!! THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR EFFORTS!!


Thanks for this, I was having the same issue.