Cannot find flight D84331

We are currently implementer AeroAPI och has begun testing.
However we have found that some flights cannot be found.
One example is D84331.
It is scheduled from ARN to DBV on the 19 August 2023, depature 06:20

When using D84331 it get no hits, but if i use NSZ4331 i do get a hit. But it is the same flight just IATA or ICAO, both should work according to the documentation.

Do no work


“scheduled”: [
“ident”: “NSZ4331”,
“ident_icao”: “NSZ4331”,
“ident_iata”: “D84331”,
“actual_ident”: null,
“actual_ident_icao”: null,
“actual_ident_iata”: null,
“aircraft_type”: “B738”,
“scheduled_in”: “2023-08-19T07:15:00Z”,
“scheduled_out”: “2023-08-19T04:20:00Z”,
“origin”: “ESSA”,
“origin_icao”: “ESSA”,
“origin_iata”: “ARN”,
“origin_lid”: null,
“destination”: “LDDU”,
“destination_icao”: “LDDU”,
“destination_iata”: “DBV”,
“destination_lid”: null,
“fa_flight_id”: “NSZ4331-1692246703-schedule-494p”,
“meal_service”: “Economy: Food for sale”,
“seats_cabin_business”: 0,
“seats_cabin_coach”: 186,
“seats_cabin_first”: 0
“links”: null,
“num_pages”: 1

D84331 works if I divide D8 as airline and 4331 as flight number. But how are we to determine which is which. In the old API we could send all in the same field.

Another example is W27659 which is also called HP659 or FXT7659.

This works

But this does not

We always recommend using the ICAO version of flight idents rather than the IATA code, in part due to conflicting codes but also to avoid ambiguity in the numerical portion of the identifier. Using the ICAO code (FXT or NSZ) avoids the problem with the airline code containing a trailing number.

Hi, in our system (a national taxi booking service) it is the user that enters the flightnumber when they want to get a taxi to or from an airport. So we don’t know and can’t control if it is ICAO or IATA that is used.

In the old API there was one field for flightnumber, we didn’t need to split it which worked better.

How can we solve this issue?
Are there any reqex or similar we can use to split the flightnumber or other method to improve the search?

We use the /shedule/ API method.

Another issue is that we are unable to the any response for the JONAIR airline.
For example from ARN there will be a flight called JON34 taking off today at 19:50 (local time sweden).
What can the reason be for this?
We don’t know which flightnumber we should use here.