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Can not found canceled flight



I have to find flights with his number for a specific day.

For that, I use AirlineFlightSchedules with following filters: start/end dates, airline and flightno
My case:

"AirlineFlightSchedulesResult": {
"next_offset": 1,
"data": [
"ident": "SIA2046",
"actual_ident": "CLH1214",
"departuretime": 1539673200,
"arrivaltime": 1539677100,
"origin": "EDDF",
"destination": "LSGG",
"aircrafttype": "CRJ9",
"meal_service": "affaire: Pas de repas, Pas de repas / Economique: Collation ou brunch, Pas de repas",
"seats_cabin_first": 0,
"seats_cabin_business": 22,
"seats_cabin_coach": 68

After I use FlightInfoEx with ident as “ident@departureTime” to find more details and the faFlightID
My case:

"error": "flight not found"

The flight is not found with LH1214@1539673200. But when I search it with /FlightInfoEx?ident=LH1214 it found the following in the list:

"faFlightID": "CLH1214-1539494750-airline-0090",
"ident": "CLH1214",
"aircrafttype": "CRJ9",
"filed_ete": "00:45:00",
"filed_time": 1539494745,
"filed_departuretime": 1539673800,
"filed_airspeed_kts": 331,
"filed_airspeed_mach": "",
"filed_altitude": 0,
"route": "",
"actualdeparturetime": -1,
"estimatedarrivaltime": -1,
"actualarrivaltime": -1,
"diverted": "",
"origin": "EDDF",
"destination": "LSGG",
"originName": "Francfort",
"originCity": "Francfort-sur-le-Main DE",
"destinationName": "Int'l de Genève",
"destinationCity": "Genève CH"

FlightInfoEx.filed_departuretime is not exactly the same as AirlineFlightSchedules.departuretime…

I understand the flight was canceled. But something looks not right.

What is the best way to find a FlightExStruct() with only a flight number (LH1214 is this case) and an arrival day?



Please try the “ident@departureTime” using the ICAO code CLH instead of IATA LH. When specifying an airline with flight number, either an ICAO or IATA code may be used to designate the airline, however ambiguous or conflicting IATA code assignments do exist so use of ICAO codes is strongly recommended.


Great, it work fine!
Tank you for you fast answer!