Cancellations at certain airports

Hi guys,
I am not very familiar with flightaware. Is there any possibility to check cancellations and delays for an airport for a certain date in the past? Swiss refused a compensation claim with the justification that the cancellation was due to wind. I try to figure out if it was actually a bad day, as I remember that hardly any other flight was cancelled.
My cancelled fligth was:
Regards, Stefan

This link will let you see the actual weather reports. It was a windy day, but other aircraft were departing.
Was the aircraft on the ground at Heathrow?

I don’t know where the aircraft was. They have cancelled the flight quite early (3 or 4 hours before departure), so we did not go to the gate.
I have seen that a BA flight left LHR towards ZRH at about the time of my flight… So it seems to be very odd

The plane was actually on its way to Berlin.
It never made it to Heathrow as the 18:45 flight from Zurich (SWR338) was cancelled.