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Can we get a deeper zoom level?

I tried to find a discussion on this but was unsuccessful.
Is there any way we could get even a slightly deeper zoom level on the live flight status page? I deal with a lot of slow aircraft and they get bunched up in departure. I’d like to see them individually instead of at 3 miles/cm.
I would suspect this would be a simple parameter change in the js for the map display and would have no noticeable impact for FA’s servers. I mean, I’m no botanist. I could be wrong.

This is actually something we would like to do. However, it is a bit more complicated than just a JS param change. The reason for this is that the map base layer imagery (the map background) is unique for each zoom level - as zoom increases, the resolution of the imagery must increase to maintain quality. Additionally, we detail level of the imagery changes by zoom level.

All this is to say, the thing stopping us from allowing more zoom levels is the work required to generate a lot more base layer imagery that’s a lot more detailed. It’s actually a surprising amount of work.

That is surprising, since it looks like it’s vector formatted. At least, the OSM stuff looks like it’s just SVG. I noticed there was some declutter at greater ranges but didn’t realize it was a different LOD for each zoom level. I’d be satisfied with simple scalar changes just to get the planes separated a bit.
In the meantime I’ve just been using my local since the skyview pages will let me zoom in to point that borders on ludicrous.

The underlying OSM data is, well, spatial data; the standard tiles are rasterized versions with a complex set of rules about what to render. It’s mostly the same situation with the FA tiles.