Can I use the all-airports-code for cities to search?

How can I implement Flight-Finder-like functionality for all airports in a given city, say New York (IATA - NYC, or ZNY)?
I tried “Search” but the API did not return any results (yet when I used a specific airport I did get results).

Although this isn’t documented, the -origin and -destination expressions in Search can take a list of multiple airports. For example:

$args = array( "query" => "-origin {KIAH KHOU} -destination {KJFK KLGA KEWR}", 
                   "howMany" => 25,
                   "offset" => 0 );
Search( $args );

Thanks for replying!

Can I use something similar with “Scheduled” and with “AirlineFlightSchedules” and with “Arrived”?

Unfortunately, those other functions only allow querying for a single airport at a time.