Search Function Problem

Hello , I have an issue with the search Function .
once executed it brings the result but without considering the query inputs like ground speed or origin or any other input as shown im my attachments .For example I’m trying to get only flights above 200 but it gets any flight below or above 200 and this applies to any other input like origin , if I set it to DXB (Dubai) it gets all the origins could you guys help on this.


Try this:

$params = array("query" => "-aboveGroundspeed 200");

Hi bovineone ,thanks ,I tried that with 500 ground speed but sill same problem …I still get ones with 300 .

Your request is not being formed correctly. I can see in the server logs that there are no function arguments being decoded. Can you show an updated portion of your code after my proposed change?

For example, this works using the JSON method: … dspeed+500

Thanks ,I tried your method again and its actulay working fine now , but now I have a problem with ones dealing with destination and origin , I try

$params = array("query" =>"-destination LAX");

but the output I get is

Array ( [SearchResult] => Array ( [next_offset] => -1 ) )

I thought it a string parsing issue so I tried escaping the the quotes but still same output .

You must use ICAO airport codes for this search expression. Try KLAX.

thanks,Works perfect now …