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Can I get a history of my log from today?

I have a flightfeeder I host provided by flightaware.

Just over 2 hours ago, a general aviation aircraft (old 1-2 seat with what looked old us air force.logo on tail) buzzed the mountain top restaurant and on very close proximity to lifts. Like reckless close and dangerous.

It’s in a no fly zone due to gondolas etc there.

I have been asked by a friend at the mountain if I can pull the history log so we can figure out who it was to report it .

Any help ???

FlightFeeders don’t maintain local history, unfortunately; there is no easy way to do this if you weren’t watching at the time and don’t have something separately capturing data.

We’ll have some aggregated data upstream but ideally you’d need to know the tail number.

If I gave you the exact position and/or you could see it would be the only aircraft near my flightfeeder at the time?

3:13pm PST

co-ords of AC 50.069383,-122.946711
approach was from west, and exited location ENE from what I was able to see.

One possible way to capture this the next time is by using tar1090’s “Permanent” feature which is accumulated in your browser instead of on server; on the map, click on “P” (which will turn dark). You need to reset from time to time otherwise the browser will run out of memory. You can set the zoom to a small area to reduce memory usage. (If you don’t want to install tar1090, you can even use ADSBexchange’s global map.)