C- registration database

Flight Aware has a few links taking us to the FAA database. I’m wondering if links to the Canadian database can be added. (Every time we click on a C- registration, we get “unknown owner”).

Here’s the link to Transport Canada (AKA “TC”) database.

tc.gc.ca/aviation/activepage … k?x_lang=e

I could not agree with you more, is there a plan to have this added to the system.

tc.gc.ca/aviation/activepage … notice.asp

This link leads to download of all Canadian registered aircraft and owners.

http://www.tc.gc.ca/aviation/activepages/ccarcs/en/current_e.asp#quick?x_lang=e just type in registration at top left box, and hit search.
http://www.tc.gc.ca/aviation/activepages/ccarcs/en/History_e.asp?x_lang= this will list a history of the registration going back about 7 years or so.

On the first link you can type in aircraft type, it will list every example currently on the Canadian registry.

Example; if you scroll down to the box “model name”, type in 525, (for the Citation CJ model 525), hit enter, and all 10 registered Citation 525’s are listed. Then you click onto any of the ten registrations listed, and all the registration info on that aircraft comes up.