Private Aircraft Owner Information

On the main web page when you click on a private aircraft (N Numbered aircraft flight) it will give you the registration information such as a person’s name or a business, company, Llc and so on. It would be really nice to have this information listed in the FlightAware mobile webpage and iPhone app. If I’m at an airport and see an N Number come in on FlightAware, I have to open an new page such as on my iPhone to look up who owns the aircraft. Hopefully this information could be integrated into the other two platforms.

I was wondering if this feature will become available for Canadian registered aircraft? We have a more in depth online system than the FAA, so I believe that it would be possible to pull the data?

Every time I use the Canadian registry site, I wish the FAA would take a look and provide users with the depth of information available at that registry’s site.

I think we have the data but the license with the Queen (seriously) specifies it can only be used for non-commercial purposes so we don’t publish it on the site.

Now you can hover your mouse over any aircraft registration on the main page and see who the operators are. Last time I checked you could only do this for US registered aircraft. Nice feature to have.

We resolved the licensing issue for a number of countries.