C-GXPR Global Express Accident final report . . .

Crash `scared the hell out of Hortons co-founder

All 10 on Bombardier plane escape, including Tim Hortons chain co-founder and his son

Nov 12, 2007 05:38 PM
FOX HARBOUR, N.S. Tim Hortons co-founder Ron Joyce, who survived a jet crash at his northern Nova Scotia golf resort over the weekend, compared the harrowing experience to being in a car wreck saying there was little time to think before it was over.
Its a little more spectacular with airplanes, but its like a motor vehicle accident, Joyce said today with his brand-new private jet lying on its belly in the distance.

We dont know, I dont know what happened. … I am just happy to be standing here talking to you. It scared the hell out of me.

The Bombardier Global 5000, en route from Hamilton, crashed yesterday afternoon while landing in high winds at the Fox Harbr Resort. There were no major injuries among the eight passengers and two crew members on board.

It wasnt yet clear what caused the crash, but investigators with the Transportation Safety Board revealed more about what happened as they opened a full investigation into the mishap.

It appears the aircraft landed just short of the runway, hitting a small lip before the pavement. The impact caused the landing gear to collapse, sending the plane spinning on the runway and skidding to a stop about 300 metres away.

Whether they can repair it or not, I dont know, but it will be a long time before its flying again if it can be, said Joyce, 77, himself a pilot.

This is an absolutely marvellous airplane. Im heartbroken because I was looking forward to doing a lot of travelling with it and its good for the business were involved in.

Yves Jolicoeur, who is heading the Transportation Safety Boards investigation, said the federal agency would be looking at a wide range of potential factors.

Were going to look at all aspects, the weather conditions, and well look at the operation, the training of the pilot, everything, he said.

The aircrafts flight data recorder has been sent to Ottawa for analysis and Jolicoeur said investigators expected to have more information from the device in the coming days.

The jet was delivered to the resort only last month and Jolicoeur said the aircraft had logged fewer than 100 hours of flying time.

The plane was operated by Hamilton-based Jetport, a charter flight company that is also controlled by Joyce.

Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) has also been asked to help with the investigation and the Montreal-based company sent its own staff to the scene.

Its an aircraft problem and of course the Canadian Transportation Safety Board will open an investigation on this, said Bombardier spokesman Marc Duschesne. We have Bombardier aircraft representatives that are on site helping with the investigation.

Joyce, who grew up in Tatamagouche, N.S, started Tim Hortons in the 1960s partnering with Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Tim Horton.

He sold the company to the Wendys fast-food chain more than 10 years ago.

The Fox Harbr Resort is an exclusive, private gated community located along the Northumberland Strait. It features a golf course, skeet shooting, a deep water marina and a secluded beach.

Flightaware C-GXPR Canadian Civil Registry lists operator as Jetport Inc of Hamilton, who have owned the jet for about 3 weeks!!! Recently had another jet, an Astra off the runway at Hamilton.

I guess the inside of that jet does not smell like coffee. :wink:


Recently had another jet, an Astra off the runway at Hamilton.

Lots of bad luck for Fox Harb’r aircraft…

Not really “Recently” as quoted, but around two years ago now…The G100 mentioned above rolled through some standing water during landing at Hamilton, lost control departed the runway and collapsed the gear. I saw it being repaired at Gulfstream’s ATW facility. Tough airplane the G100 is. It looked much worse than it really was…lots of mud and embedded turf.

Ironically, Fox Harb’r’s other G100 was sitting in the hangar next to its sibling. Within a couple of weeks of the first G100 incident, the second airplane was struck in the empannage by a rogue airline baggage cart. Field repairs were made to make it airworthy to get it to ATW. Gulfstream pretty much performed an empannage-ectomy to return that one to service.

Jetport Inc.;

Hmmm. Their insurance premiums must be getting pretty high.
Caravan crash in the river at Arnprior. Gear down.
Astra SPX off the runway at Truro. Landed on wrong runway.
Astra SPX hit trees at Fox Harbour.
Astra SPX off runway in Hamilton.
Global 5000 runway accident Fox Harbour.

The first article mentions a short landing. That would do it. Weather was not very nice Saturday. Wet, heavy snow was not forcasted to be as heavy as it was. Nova Scotia was expecting rain.

I flew through Halifax ( about 45nm SSE of Fox Harbour) around the same time of the accident. There were many canceled flights and I was lucky that my connection made it out.

Perhaps a combination of visibility (weather) and runway conditions.

Pilot in Command is allowed to say no to a landing that they think cannot be made safely.

That’s why mistakes are never made. :wink:
Maybe Fox Harbour was the best of the worst on Saturday. Not many divert option due to weather concerns.

I just received this email on my blackberry:

**November 13, 2007

Re: Update on Status of Jetport Inc. (CAA Certificate #8977, FAA Certificate # J93F912F)

This letter serves to notify you that Wyvern is removing its recommendation of Jetport Inc. due to a recent accident involving a Bombardier Global 5000. Our policy requires that we remove the recommendation of any operator involved in an accident until we fully understand the circumstances.

This action is precautionary and in no way makes any assumptions about the accident or the company. We will continue to research the facts and work with Jetport. We will keep you posted on our progress and notify you when reach a conclusion.

If you have any questions about this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +1 (609) 671-9300.


Jim Betlyon

The accident was unfortunate. I worked on the aircraft while it was being completed at the completion facility. it was a very nice A/C inside and out.

Do tell! Do you recall working on one with green trim in the last year?


I am trying to remember, There are a lot of a/c that goes thru the coast. :smiley:
If you wanted to pm me with the s/n I can maybe remember the a/c. Are you the operator or owner of the one u asked about?..Jim in structures


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Est-ce-que tu regarde l’ A380 le 13 Novembre? Il-y-a deux / trois mille persone dans cette joure.

et bienvenue au forum de FA.

Sad to see something you worked hard on turned into wreckage.

Click Here Transportation Safety Board of Canada Final Report just released Nov 10/09.

“Missed it by THAT much…”

both guys had very little time in type