C-GHFD Piper Seneca hits 6th floor condo in Vancouver


Vancouver Sun and CBC News Photos of the condo, aircraft is still inside.
http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd208/robbreid/Vancouver1.jpg http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd208/robbreid/Vancouver.jpg


Wow, I know that neighborhood really well. Maybe a cargo flight? Not sure why they say its a two seat plane.


Where does it say that? One story says it’s a six seater and the other says it can carry five passengers.


On CBC page, on the right side under, ‘Related’, 4th line.
Quote, “Graphics; a two-person plane crashed into an apartment building on a busy street in Richmond”.


Update on Pilot reported as 82 years old, with 60 years flying experience. Aircraft reported as rebuilt after an accident last year. Pilot was sole occupant and owner of the Seneca.


I just can’t see an 82 year old man flying. The CEO of the company I work for is 84 & I would not dare let him fly an aircraft & he was a pilot in World War II but didn’t keep up with it. I know that Bud Anderson still flies all sort of aircraft at his age but he flies quite a bit but still the ol reflexes get kinda stalled if you know what I mean - I don’t even like to ride in the car with the CEO of our company & when I do - I pray like heck & don’t do it but maybe once or twice a year.


Did someone put that lady up there in the pic (manually) or is she really up there when the pic was taken & what in the world is she doing - what a precarious place to be…really really really scary - but close to Halloween. :frowning:



I think the operative word should be “didn’t keep up with it” with your statement above

We had a gear up landing by a doctor who was 92 years old at the time of the accident and still is flying after the accident.

Just like driving, one wonders about reflexes and other physiological factors, but if a person “keeps up with it”, I don’t see any reason why they have to hang up their wings.

The important part, which unfortunately sometimes is not recognized, whether it be flying or driving, is when to hang it up for the last time.



All I can say about this issue is that if I’m able to fly at 82 then there surely will be a good God for sure… :smiley:


You get a one big AMEN from me! :smiley:


Pilot reported as having made four attempts to start starboard engine, on departure, aircraft veered to the right and crashed. Also no fire on impact, aircraft impacted into elevator shaft.

Pilot, also landed low last year and sheared off the landing gear on a perimeter fence at Pitt Meadows Airport, BC.


I did notice the lack of fire. Does anyone think he might have not had fuel?

The plane also impacted the lower level of this building.


The aircraft was flying from Vancouver International with its high fuel prices, to its base at Pitt Meadows with a lower fuel price for based aircraft. It would be reasonable to assume he’d rather fuel up at his home base. It is approximately 28 miles away.

A hard to start engine, no fire on impact, or after. No mention by witness of the smell of fuel???

Aircraft went down SE of airport, just above the ‘M’ in the word Richmond, just below the 91 road.


I just can’t see an 82 year old man flying

HOW QUICKLY I FORGET: I sat next to a legend the end of June at a banquet for the women pilots that were flying in the Air Race Classic starting at KPWA/Wiley Post/Oklahoma City, OK - Mrs. Maggie Ringenberg - here is her website:

It was her birthday that day/evening & I announced it by surprise (she told me while sitting next to her) - she was 86 this year & still flying in the race!!!