BUG: Trackng International Flights From Beijing


I really like what FlightAware is trying to do with Flight tracking - but, like a lot of software, it has bugs…

DAL128, leaves Beijing ~8:55 Bejing time, arrives Seattle ~5:30am Seattle time.
DAL128 then leave Seattle for Atlanta.

Just prior to DAL128 leaving ZBAA, FlightAware would list this leg and when selected, displays the status for DAL128 - even though they can’t get good enroute information after takeoff - last status was “pushed from gate 46 minutes ago”… even FlightStats.com has the exact take off time - and reports ‘no tracking information available’. (their problem is they say 'no information for 155 minutes - might make some think the plane took a dive!)…

Anyway, now, some 4 1/2 hours into the flight, FlightAware lists the ZBAA-KSEA leg, but when selected, it displays the KSEA to KATL info for the flight that hasn’t departed yet.

Then when I list all the departing flights from ZBAA - which includes UAL888 to KSFO, others to Chicago, Los Angeles, … but there’s none listed for KSEA. There’s also a lot of traffic shown in/out of ZBAA, but even while FlightAware was showing the DAL128 ZBAA to KSEA leg, it never appeared to show any of the flights listed on the arrivals/departure tables - which is another great UI - once the data actually works with the maps…

Anyway, it would be nice to fix this bug and get better data on international flights… or at least when data is missing, show that it’s missing rather than resetting to the next leg of a flight.



jlynker are you still seeing this issue? I can’t reproduce it for the last week’s worth of DAL128 flights.