Bug in CMF callsigns


I noticed that if the CMF callsign has a number that starts with a 0, the leading digit(s) will be cut and track a different flight instead (one without the leading zero(s)). This is incorrect because there sure could be Compassion flights with 00x designation.
The result is that one cannot track such flights.
Example: Compassion 00X should be tracked as CMF00X but FA turns it into CMFX which does not exist.
This should be a simple code fix, somebody is probably artificially splitting the number, reformatting it as an integer and then reattaching it to the prefix (there is never need for that, since a callsign is a callsign, it should not be modified).
Thank you in advance for a quick fix.
(if you don’t have the bandwidth to fix it soon, feel free to reach out to me, I can offer my help)


This should be happening on both the user interface and data sides, so that the flight can be tracked. This is intentional behavior since our various data sources do not consistently zero pad numeric flight numbers.

Can you provide an example (ACID, origin, destination, date/time) of a CMF00x flight you can’t track as CMFx?


Try CMF034. Flight happened today, not shown on FA because FA mangles the callsign into CMF34.
Removing symbols due to lack of padding elsewhere is just as bad. There is no need to be changing callsigns around, just like airport identifiers. They have a set format which should be followed. Deviating from standards always only causes trouble.


The problem here doesn’t seem to have to do with the callsign, we didn’t see any data for CMF034/CMF34 two days ago.

Can you provide the origin, destination, and time of the flight so we can look into it more?