BTA3161 - Air Return KIAH

KPRC 2 on scene over RNWY 9 for BTA3161 air return possible blown tire.

Flightaware shows it circling at 4000 over Lone Star.

Looks like they just did a flyby of the airfield at 1500 feet.

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Could be circling for hours for minimal fuel. I may be wrong but I think that flight carries atleast 13000 lbs of fuel.

FA has been linked to in the story by KPRC, and then promptly the flight tracking page gets an “FlightAware is temporarily unavailable”

edit the big map is back up, as is the tracking page; guess the server’s weren’t quite ready for that big a rush in a small time frame.

Once again, it was great to see an nationally coverage live breaking emergency landing go safely.

I think it was CNN that did it, but we served out a good percentage of the requests and are working on that problem for the future.

. . . not to mention live CNN and every Houston local TV news affiliate. I was on the Houston FOX affiliate for about five minutes discussing the situation.

Anybody have a video? :wink:

I saw it live on CNN which was really cool and then posted this.

Sorry, i had not seen this topic when i made that post. Glad you guys got so much public attention. I could notice it when i was trying to track the flight and received multiple times that flightaware was unavailble due to high traffic.


We don’t have the CNN footage yet, but do have a FlightAware plug and broadcast I did with KRIV-TV in Houston

Very nice, glad to have someone talking on the news channels who actually knows something about aviation. :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for including the landing, I hadn’t seen it yet.

Interesting to see that only the thrust reverser opposite the blown tire was enabled, I’m guessing to prevent any further damage to that tire

They only deployed the opposite reverser to gain extra steering control. With the left-rear tires out, the a/c would have a tendency to pull to the left because of the extra drag. Deploying the opposing reverser counters this drag :slight_smile: