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Broken alerts



It seems that alerts using FlightXML are currently broken. Even the Push Nofitications Testing Interface is impacted.
Here is the JSON payload I receive from FlightXML services :
{u'flight': {u'faFlightID': u'DAL116-1309583878-airline-0347', u'error': u'Extended details unavailable: ERROR: permission denied for relation barr_updates\nCONTEXT: SQL statement "SELECT (SELECT id FROM barr_updates WHERE effective <= l_on_date ORDER BY effective DESC LIMIT 1)"\nPL/pgSQL function barr_lookup(character varying,date) line 19 at assignment\n'}, u'long_desc': u'DAL116 arrived at EDDS (Stuttgart Echterdingen) at 10:44AM CEST from KATL (Hartsfield-Jackson Intl)', u'short_desc': u'DAL116 arrived at EDDS from KATL', u'eventcode': u'arrival', u'summary': u'DAL116 arrived at EDDS from KATL'}

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need any input from my side to help you find the issue.


Thanks for the head up, we’re working on this now.


This has been fixed. Alerts should be back to normal.


I confirm this is working. Thanks for the reactiveness.