British News want to parachute pilots and crash airliner . .

Click Here said they were inspired after the British Airways B777 accident at Heathrow.

They want to crash a 300 seat airliner, parachute the two pilots, and crash in into a desert filming the craft inside and out!!!

They’re gonna waste a whole airliner for a stupid TV show???

This has been done and likely in a more scientific fashion.

The best part of the Boeing 720 crash, was they were attempting a smooth approach, but lost control and actually crashed while attempting to crash!!!

The title on the video mentioned above is wrong. The aircraft involved in the test was not a 707. It was a 720.

For more information and additional videos on this test see

The aircraft was remotely controlled.

I actually hope they do it the other way around! :slight_smile: (let the pilots evacuate then have the crash)

and likely in a more scientific fashion.

The media always makes things look bad.(except democrats :stuck_out_tongue: )

The old 720 crash test was done to test a fuel additive that would reduce flammability and make crashes more survivable. As the footage of the test indicates, the additive didn’t work.

Sounds to me like Channel 4’s test wants to look at a crash from all angles, inside and out, much like an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash test. Study of the data from this test could lead to design improvements which could save a lot of lives!

That being said, there’s a certain amount of entertainment value in it as well :smiling_imp:

You want to conduct a high speed crash of a large airliner, what science is behind that other than seeing how big of a smoking hole you leave. Just sounds like a ratings stunt, I doubt any actual knowledge will be involved. I do wonder how the pilots plan to jump out, as those doors don’t exactly open well while airborne.

Why in the world would they want to put two pilots on board and have them parachute out when BAe Systems has the capability make an airliner fly by remote control? I mean sure, have a few test flights with the remote control and pilots on standby in the cockpit, but when it comes down to the test the pilots are unnecessary.

That’s right Pkm… kinda stupid.

They’re NOT lookin’ to leave a smokin’ hole. They intend on making the crash survivable.

One solution to pilots bailing out would be to use a 727 and remove the Cooper Vane.

Hell, they’re crashing the plane anyway. Why not just cut the door off prior to flight? And the original article states that they have RC installed and can be controlled via a nearby helicopter, but having pilot’s onboard jumping from the aircraft prior to it crashing only adds to the drama. This is, after all, only a stunt to increase ratings, thinly veiled as a scientific study. More than enough aircraft have been crashed in the name of science - very few of them have been televised live worldwide as it is happening.