British Airways Asks Employees to Work for Free


London (AP) – British Airways on Tuesday urged its staff to work for nothing in an effort to save the company money.

British Airways PLC is struggling to come up with ways to save cash after reporting its biggest full-year loss since the former national airline was privatized in 1987.

BA chief Willie Walsh has said he would not draw a salary for the month of July, and urged other employees to work for blocks of time without being paid.

“I am looking for every single part of the company to take part in some way in this cash-effective way of helping the company’s survival plan. It really counts,” Walsh said in a company publication.

BA said the option meant employees would effectively volunteer to take a cut in base pay, with the lost income spread out over several months. The company had said last month it would ask employees to consider working without pay.

The UNITE union, which represents thousands of BA ground and cabin crew, gave the proposal a chilly reception. The union said that while Walsh might be able to afford working a month for free, its members could not.

BA said last month that it had lost 375 million pounds ($595 million) in the year ending March 31, compared with a profit of 712 million pounds in the previous year. That is its worst result in more than two decades of business, the previous low point being a 200 million pounds loss in 2001-2002.

I might work for free if I was given a positive space round-trip ticket for each day I worked for free, other than that, no way.

i’ll work for free! if i get to eat free, sleep free, play with the first class entertainment system free :laughing: sign me on! :unamused:

I could not believe this. I’d tell them to pound sand. Positive space and all the trimmings don’t put food on the table, and a roof over the fam :wink:

If they got me a pilot position on a 747 I`d totally work for free :smiley: (if they at least payed my food & apartment)

nah, i go one step further than u… i will work for free and don’t need special food. just those they serve 1st class… don’t need apartment just let me stay at their “first/business class lounge”… that will save them big time! :unamused:

You would be a perfect canidate for Colgan. Can you say Beech 1900? (Food & Apartment NOT inlcuded)

guys like you are why there are low paying pilot jobs. You paid for your training, you deserve to get compensated for it.
The reason they engineered the hump on the 747 is so the Pilots can sit on their wallets

Well said flyboy. I don’t think a lot of newbies can appreciate negotating a decent salary or holding out for a better paying one. By working for free or close to it , that drives down the cumulative wages of everyone.

Thanks- It’s a sore subject

I know, I know. I remember when you said you went from salary to a day rate. I have a busload of friends that are completely out of work and there are actually people saying they would work for free. Go figure.