Hijacked from Cancun to Mexico city. 100 passengers have been freed

Story Highlights from CNN:

TV station: Boeing 737 with 104 aboard has been hijacked in Mexico City

TV Azteca: 3 hijackers demand to speak to Mexican president

Abductors say they will blow up plane if demand isn’t met, TV Azteca reports

Incident began when Aeromexico jet arrived from Cancun, station reports … -americas/
Hijacked in Cancun and flown to Mexico City

CNN is also live.

There will be lots on

Reporting 5 at least in custody.
I’m watching 8 people in handcuffs being lead away.

Photo of Aero Mexico B737-852 EI-DRA Ireland registration (leased).

I was in NYC over the wkend and saw a cab with an AeroMex ad saying something like “fly safer” or “fly comfortably” with AeroMex. Crazy timing on that.

Reminds me of an old HUSTLER cartoon: A blindfolded guy stepping off an airliner with armed terrorists behind him… the guy says, “First they lose my gddmn luggage, and now THIS! I can’t WAIT to see what happens next.”

A wacko, by himself, said today’s date being 09-09-09 is actually 666 upside down, therefore Mexico was going to have an earthquake and he had to get away???.

Guess he better fly International next time.


The other 7 passengers handcuffed and lead away were released.

LOVE this!! LMAO!!! :smiling_imp: :laughing: :smiling_imp: :laughing: …and to think I was the only one who got their news from Hustler :stuck_out_tongue: