Bonanza Question


I am currently an Air Force pilot. My dad had an A36 that I loved dearly, and now I want to buy one. It seems the best way to get the most for my money is to buy an older aircraft and have it fully restored. Which years/models/options should I seek out/avoid.

I assume there are models that would be a better fit for the investment, and suspect that certain years had significant changes that made a major improvement in the Bonanza line.

A36 versus B36? 520 versus 550? TC? Tip tanks? Speed kits?
Avionics upgrades? Most reliable? Less cost to update…

Military paycheck, need to stretch each dollar wisely.

Any experience out there? Many thanks for your time.


Welcome to the Forum.

The Forum at can answer every question you could possibly have pertaining to Bonanzas.


In addition, check out Aviation Consumer. They do great reviews on different planes and tell you objectively the +/-. Just glancing at their site (which is subscription based) they have reviews on the 33, 35, 36, A36, 36TC and 36 series.

Military paycheck, need to stretch each dollar wisely.

You may also want to consider some other planes in addition to the Bonanza. Bo’s are among the more expensive planes to buy used as well as have a reputation as being expensive to maintain.


Not really an answer, more of an fyi…

Lots of Bonanzas flying into Beech Field this week for the annual fly-in.