Boeing 720


“Pratt 720” testbed on long(?) mission: … /CYHU/CYHU … 1117078/M/


Good catch!


It originally filed for 10+ hours (or maybe that was a FlightAware b… oops, I mean enhancement :wink: ). 5 and half is more reasonable.


I remember years ago this same plane made our local paper ( The Glengarry News ). It circled the country side just north of us for hours, many people phoned the OPP thinking the plane was in trouble.

I guess P&W figured no one lived in Eastern Ontario.


Today PWC720 seemed to take a very great interest in the coastline of Maine. … U/tracklog

Here is a screen capture: … -Pratt.png

I guess for plane that looks as odd as this one, I shouldn’t be too surprised by its odd behaviour.

Anyway, thought I’d share.


It appears he was down to 1000 ft on that test flight on the coast.

On this one: … /CYHU/CYHU … U/tracklog

he’s up to 45000, quite a range on that old girl. :exclamation:


I have been in this plane. Back in 1997. It’s an ex-MEA airplane and I think the present callsign is Pratt1.