Blocked Aircraft


When an aircraft presently blocked changes ownership, does it become unblocked when the change of ownership shows up in the updated aircraft registration? Or does the new owner need to take action to unblock. thanks!!!


No, the new owner needs to send a letter to the FAA to have it removed from the block list. FlightAware customer service can help with this.

They can also send a copy of the letter to FlightAware and we’ll unblock it immediately for all flights from then forward.


Thank you! That’s not what I had hoped. But I can definitely use ths info.


:question: Alright then a related question - where can I go to determine the owner of an aircraft listed as Owner Unknown on FA? Registration is not an N number and the FAA database doesn’t seem to allow entry of tail numbers not in the N format - or perhaps I didn’t go far enough into their system. Thanks.


FAA is only going to have info on ‘N’ registered aircraft.


Any civil aircraft registered through the FAA will have a N number (or sometimes NC, NL or NX in rare cases).

If you’re seeing a tail number like C-xxxx you can infer that it’s registered in Canada and you would have to check with their issuing agency database, in this case Transport Canada. Same goes for other non-N tail numbers:


You’d have to check with the appropriate country’s registry of aircraft; we should list the country on the page next to unknown owner.