Bishop TD Jakes


Does anyone know if Td Jakes owns a Private jet?


Last one I knew of was a G4 operated out of KRBD or Dallas executive.


Who’s td jakes?


I guess you are not a member of the congregation :laughing:



I remember he had a JetStar but that’s going back a few years, the registration escapes me right now.



How could you tell? Lol


I did see him get into a private jet at Mecon Georgia. He was escorted into the airport by a motorcade including two local police cars with lights on followed his motorcade to the Jet. It could be leased, I don’t know if he owns it but he does fly in a private Jet. He was very well dressed as was his people.


Rich man are always well dressed.





He is the leader of the biggest congregration in the Dallas/Fort Worth area known as Potter’s House. Cowboys WR Michael Irvin are among his flock.


His website indicates he’s scheduled in Jacksonville on the evening of the 29th of January.