Big errors everydays in the data feeds

I write this message today but I can write it everyday.
There is an international airline operating flights between many countries: Mauritania Airlines (iata L6/ icao MAI) created 8 years ago.
There was a small Georgian local airlines called TAM Air (iata L6/ icao VNZ) who ceased its operations 8 years ago.
So in fact you had 8 years to update your database.
Why the flight L6-105 of Mauritania Airlines is indicated as VNZ-105 instead of MAI-105 ?

I must pay every month for 3 different API to have a quite correct data feed.
Is it so difficult to have an updated database of airlines and airports ? I’m not talking about airfields in the middle of the chilian pampa. I’m not talking about about a CESSNA operating for a Papu-New-Guinean local airline. I’m talking about international airports and international airlines…
I have waited 4 months (FOUR MONTHS) to have the IATA code updated for the biggest international airport of West Africa!
And I lose hours every month to correct my own database.

I don’t think i’ve seen a bug report about that airline being incorrect before, so unless someone reports a problem we won’t know that something needs to be corrected.

I’ve made some updates to our airlines database, so you may see some gradual improvements over the next few days. However that particular airline is operating primarily outside of our primary coverage area, so it’s likely that tracking will still be incomplete in the future.

When I have a little time (not used to fix the errors of the API) I will post here the hundreds of unforgivable errors that the API returns. Errors that a simple update of the database by a trainee would avoid…

Why does the flight E7 -712 operated by Estafeta Carga Aérea (iata E7 - icao ESF) is indicated as EAF712 operated by European Aviation Air Charter (E7 - EAF) an airline who ceased its operations 10 years ago ?

EXA200 ===> NO! MNB200 !
Not a flight EXECAIRE (MB / EXA) but a MNG Airlines (MB/MNB) flight

Yes I understand that the tracking of some exotic airlines will be incomplete. But it’s OK for me. The problem is not the flight tracking. I just think users need to get correct IATA/ICAO informations for airlines and airports :wink: Every day I log hundreds of this kind of error.
For the last 4 months I have 348 542 icao/iata codes to check and correct. I will spend my week-end to see which airline has been displayed as an another from the last century…
And I don’t understand why my posts are flagged as spam… I only link to Flightware and Wikipedia…

I’ve updated ESF/E7 and deleted EAF. I’ve also updated MNB/MB and removed MB from EXA. As before, it may take a few days for the changes to the schedules to become visible on our website.

You are welcome to notify us of any other specific errors that you have found and we will attempt to make improvements when possible.

I think your forum messages are being automatically flagged spam simply because your forum account is newly created and you are posting frequently with multiple links (regardless of the linked website).

“Helicopteros Andes” (icao HAD) do not fly so far for Chile :wink: They ceased their operations years ago.
So HAD-564 ====> is Himalaya Airlines HIM-564

LINK Flightaware /live/flight/HAD564

Okay, added HIM/H9, and removed HAD/H9.

Thanks for your reply and your update.

I’ve recorded this morning several flight of JC INTERNATIONAL (QD/JCC) flying over Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Taïwan, China) that are indicated as Air Class Lineas Aereas (VZ/QCL) from Uruguay.

ie: QCL629, QCL641, QCL512, QCL513, QCL608, QCL624, etc…


All national/international EMX flights are indicated as operated by Vuelos Exclusivos de Mexico (3W / EMX == dead airline).
3W is Malawian Airlines (3W - MWI)

Ok, removed EMX/3W and added MWI/3W.

Sorry to come back again but I always think it’s the last for the day :wink: I will try to group the other ones.

8N indicated as NKF (Nordkalottflyg == dead airline)
8N is Regional Air (Tanzania) (8N/REG)

Removed NKF/8N (Nordkalottflyg), removed REG (Regourd Aviation), added REG/8N (Regoinal Air)

Here is a group of 12 international airlines with wrong name/icao/iata:

  • most of defunct airlines listed here ceased their operations many years ago.

All VL flights indicated as icao VIM (Air Via from Bulgaria == defunct airline)
Med-View Airline (iata VL / iaco MEV) from Nigeria

All 6N flights indicated as icao NRD (Nord Air defunct airline)
Niger Airlines (iata 6N / iaco NIN) from Niger

B5 Flights indicated as icao FLT(iata W2 → Flightline == defunct airline)
Fly-SAX (iata B5/ icao EXZ)

3J flights indicated as icao WZP(Zip Air == defunct airline)
Jubba Airways (iata 3J / iaco JUB)

NG flights indicated as icao LDA (Lauda Air == defunct airline)
Al Naser Wings Airlines (iata NG / iaco MHK)

“IF” flights indicated as icao ISW (Serib Wings == defunct airline)
Fly Baghdad Airlines (iata IF / iaco FBA)

JI flights indicated as icao MDW (Midway == defunct airline)
Meraj Air (iata JI / iaco FBA)

MR flights indicated as icao MRT (Air Mauritanie == defunct airline)
Hunnu Air (iata MR / iaco MML)

OV flights indicated as icao ELL (Estonian Air == defunct airline)
SalamAir (iata OV / iaco OMS)

VE flights indicated as icao VLE (Volare == defunct airline)
Easyfly (iata VE / iaco EFY)

Y5 flights indicated as icao PCE (Piedmont Aviation ??? :slight_smile: )
Golden Myanmar (iata Y5 / iaco GMR)

UY flights indicated as icao UYC (Cameroon Airlines == defunct airline )
Sky Prime Aviation (iata UY / iaco SPD)

EXD flights indicated as Export Air del Peru ( == defunct airline )
seem to be
Execujet Aviation

Okay, all of those changes should be made now. Thanks again.

JA flights indicated as icao JAT ( Jat Airways == defunct airline )
Jet Smart (iata JA / iaco JAT)

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Deleted JA/BON (Air Bosna), and JAT (Jat Airways).

Added JA/JAT (JetSmart).

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