best training aircraft?

  1. What airplane did you learn to fly in?
  2. What airplane is your favorite and/or best to train with?

1.) Cessna 152
2.) Cessna 172. 152’s are great fun, but too cramped for most people. Cherokees are annoying because there’s only one door, visibility is sometimes an issue for shorter students; but can be slightly more forgiving (less bounce) when learning to land, plus a little extra ground effect.

  1. Cherokee 180
  2. Cessna 172
  1. C-152
  2. C-152 (That’s all I’ve flown)

Yeah, and cheaper too! :smiley:


How about 65 hp J3, Champ, or Luscombe and really learn to fly without the TRAINING wheel!


The Diamonds are by far the most fun and confidence inspiring to me. The DA20 is just as fun as the 40, but not as nice.

  1. 152/172/Warrior/Cherokee 180
  2. 152 because its cheap and its a little twitchier on the yoke (i.e. stalls are semi-real events) so you need to learn to fly the plane.

Hands down, the DA20 series.

Forgiving, modern, and light, the Katanas instill airmanship from a student’s first flight…

  1. DA40 if you can afford it
  2. 172

You really ought to have the DA40 in there.

Learned on the 172 and the 40

For shear pleasure flying, I like 40 the best. You can get a non glass 40 on the used market for under 200k.

Cirrus SRV ??? :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
who would buy that as a training aircraft.
172 all the way!!

Welcome cwbyflyer!

So it seems if someone doesn’t mind the slow speed, small cockpit, and cheap operating costs, it’s a GREAT training aircraft. I’ll keep that one in my back pocket.


Hey, it’s free, plus it looks good in the ole logbook.

My favorite? A PA20 like this one

NOT A TRI-PACER. But that wasn’t on your list so…My vote is for a C172. In fact I’d love to buy a 1962 C172. Rear window, slant tail, 6 cy. Cont., and manual flaps. Yep that’s what I’d buy, just for fun.

I learned to fly in a 90 Champ (solo) , 150 SuperCub for time builder for private and then transistioned to the Cherokee 140 for the private checkride. Then on to the bigger stuff, although spent many hours in a 150 SuperCub on floats. Nothing like jumping from lake-to-lake giving rides (after getting a commercial license of course).
Has anyone ever flown a Breezy? I got a few hours in one. Not many around when they were flying, but maybe some of you have taken a ride or flew one.

I did my Private training in the DA20 and am now doing Instrument training in the 172, and I will say that I like the DA20 a lot better, although the 172 has more comfort and a few other perks that I like. Both are great training aircraft. I agree too that the DA40 is a really fun plane to fly. Have about 9 hours in one, and it is just awesome.

  1. C152
  2. C152

im afraid at the minute in real life thats the only aircraft ive flown,though ive heard rumours that 6 pipers are arriving at my local airport (Norwich International) dont know if its true or not

Cessna 150 - it is cheaper to buy and operate than a 152. It is the best training airplane because it requires the student to “fly” the airplane, not just motor it around the sky. Its lack of power requires the student to learn how to extract maximum performance from it. I have many hours as a CFI, and I would rather teach in a 150 than anything else.