Basestation not connecting with Piaware 7.1

Hi there
I was previously able to connect to Basestation using Piaware 6.0 but have just tried upgrading to Piaware 7.1 with a new Pi4 but unable to connect via network or wifi to Basestation.
All other programs seem to work including Planeplotter, VR and ADSB Exchange.

My MM2 setup is as follows:

–web 8787
– outServer sbs30006:10001
– location -33.0000:151.0000

I have also tried outServer sbs10001:10001 without success.

I would appreciate any one who can advise on possible issues causing the problem with this setup.

Many thanks

Mark, make sure there are no gaps between the two dashes and the outServer and the location entries, similar to the two inConnect and web connections above.

If that’s the case try --outServer sbs10001:10001 again.


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Can you explain exactly what data you are trying to transfer?

As already pointed out by @Kabe, correct config is

--outServer sbs10001:10001


Please see this post:

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Thanks to all for your replies. Kabe pointed out my rookie error and alll is now working as it should.

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@wiedehopf, please see following conversation from 2016:


Looks more like he’s converting data from a piaware sd-card install using modesmixer so the data can be processed by the Basesation software.
Thus your comments don’t apply because it’s the other direction.

Those programs don’t consume the same data you connect Basestation to, do they?
Because adsbexchange for sure doesn’t want basestation data.
I suppose that comment was just to say the datasource mm2 connects to is working.
If you’re using the adsbexchange feed client, you could add this datasource to mm2


Get your adsbexchange mlat results also displayed in Basestation / mm2.


MLAT planes are NOT displayed in Basestation unless following is done:

Open Settings → Data Settings → SBS-1.
By default, none of the “Message Filtering” options is checked.
Place a check mark besides “Process TIS-B Messeges” and the MLAT planes will appear in BaseStation map.



From ModeSMixer2, I am feeding many other sites. Due to restriction by Flightaware to not to feed their MLAT results to other sites, I have removed following lines from config file of my modesmixer2:


However as Adsbexchange has no restriction on feeding their MLAT results to other sites, I have following lines there:





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