Bank Checks with Airplane Designs?

Anyone know of any check companies that have airplane designs? After searching for nearly an hour, I found THESE GUYS. Several other Web sites I found link to the same page. They’re mostly military designs, and I’m more partial to civil aviation. The only airliner designs they have are all American Airlines! I’d like to have a little more diversity there as they’re not exactly my favorite airline. Maybe some small planes like Cessnas, Pipers, Beeches, etc. would be an option as well.

I’m very loyal to safety blue. Did you check Sportys?

Who uses checks anymore?

I would find out what company (companies) are recommended by your bank, and then find out whether they offer custom photo checks. I googled for an example and found several like this. (I don’t know anything about this company.)

I’m figuring most companies now offer this service, or wish they could, so ask the bank and start looking for a photo you like that wouldn’t interfere with the parts you have to fill in. (I don’t get my canceled checks back – only an online scanned image. So you want it to be uncluttered.)

Ummmm… you?

Been all through their catalogs - nuthin’.

I thought about those photo checks, but none of my images are worthy. Maybe by the next time I need to order, I might have some worth having that done.