Bad News Re: New British Air 777's


I have osteoarthritis, and I’m fat. As such, I always purchase an extra seat, and a transfer seat (arm completely retracts on aisle side) for less painful egress. I recently flew with British Air (in a 777), and although I was assured of this seat assignment, not only was there no transfer seat, but all of the armrests could only be raised about 4".

My husband (normal size and weight) had difficulty climbing over the armrests, just to get to the restroom, and also complained about the tight fit and hard seat. He never complains about ANYthing. I spent a painful 7-plus hours, stuffed into a seat which also felt narrower than it’s predecessor in the (747).

It is my understanding that British Air has ordered a new fleet of 777’s to replace the comfortable, user-friendly 747’s. This makes me very sad, as I will not be able to fly British Air again. (Swiss Air, as well).

The demographics for the leisure-flying public are changing as more 55+ people take to the skies. I should think the airlines would take this into consideration, by designing and installing seating to accommodate and attract this group, not alienate it.

I know I’m not willing to face a possible DVT or worse, and my husband, (who is quite physically fit) is not interested in becoming a gymnast, just by booking with an airline using the 777’s. We love everything else about British Air, so this development is doubly sad for us.