Bad link for flight alert sharing?

Maybe I’m too quick on the trigger?


Not working. 404 error returns … haring/154

had to go to news section to find this

Where’d you find that relative link, Allen?

The link doesn’t work on the forum pages (top of page). I had to look for the news section to find a working link.

Oh. Interesting.

Sorry 'bout that Mark! Yes, at top of discussion forums as Mike indicated.

I found what the cause of the error (bolded below) is now knowing where to look. Below is from the discussion forums at the top of the page. is on the discussions page at the top.

Below is from the flight aware main website. … haring/154

Yea the problem is the header uses relative urls so that it stays on the same site you’re on (if you’re on you get, if you’re on you get and the forums domain doesn’t support all the other pages.