BA Cityflyer schedule unavailable

The schedule for BAW does not include any flights from EGLC/LCY, except to Shannon and New York, which are flown with a A318.

However, no flights with BA Cityflyer are included.

I now tried to download the schedule by using ICAO code CFE, but no schedule is available.

Error executing request{"error":"NO_DATA No flight schedules found for your query"}

How can I get the BA Cityflyer schedule then?

I was able to pull it from FXML2 using or in FXML3 Beta

OK, that works indeed. However, when I download the whole schedule for BAW, these flights are not included. I would have to change the logic of all my app to ask specifically by airport.

Totally there, although I searched a small window
2 -

3 -

“ident”: “BAW8765”,
“fa_ident”: “CFE8765-1513405562-airline-0196”,
“actual_ident”: “CFE8765”,
“departuretime”: 1513601700,
“arrivaltime”: 1513607100,
“origin”: “EGLC”,
“destination”: “LSZH”,
“aircrafttype”: “E190”,
“meal_service”: “Business: Meal / Economy: Snack or brunch”,
“seats_cabin_first”: 0,
“seats_cabin_business”: 38,
“seats_cabin_coach”: 60

I guess it’s because my code does exclude_codeshare=T

Technically, those flights are code shares, right?

I wanted to exclude code shares because I did not want so many duplicates. But I guess that’s the price to pay…

Are you able to make an additional query for CFE flights? They should populate.