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BA #193 June 19 not tracking

Flight Aware indicates this flight has been taxiing for the last 5 hours. British Air says it departed about a 1/2 hour late from LHR for DFW. Usually I trust Flight Aware way more than I trust the airlines. Why is the status of this one flight be so different than the airlines? Whom do I trust this time?

It appears that we received the block out time for this flight but haven’t received the airborne time. The airline’s information is likely correct, but you may want to call them to be certain if you are meeting the flight. We will look into why we never received the airborne information. Thanks for pointing this out.

Maybe Jack Bauer is on the flight but he wants to stay off the grid? :wink:

Mr. President we’ve been compromised, we have to abort!

BAW191 still has issues…