Aviation Now & DCA


Does anyone use www.aviationnow.com for info?

Found it about 6 months ago and I like it. Found this article last month and forgot to post it. Yes dami, I did a search to make sure that nobody else has already posted it…

aviationnow.com/avnow/news/c … E05156.xml

Edit: cfijames, there is a really cool article on the new PC-12 on the business aviation page. You have probably already read it, though.


I knew you would check, Pika.

Interesting article.


I get a daily newsletter from them as part of my “Aviation Leak” subscription.

Yeah, I gave him my copy of the B&CA issue in which the original article appeared. Good article, cfi enjoys the irony of the traffic light for aircraft crossing the highway between the factory and the airfield in CH.