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Automated Installation of ModeSMixer2 & ModeSDeco2 on RPi

Thanks, i was already thinking about a new attempt over the weekend. Good timing.


For those who are not aware from where to download 64-bit Bullseye OS image:

64-bit RaspberryPi OS Bullseye (arm64 / aarch64)


64-bit DietPi OS Bullseye (arm64 / aarch64)



DietPi image installation instructions:

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Too much of Linux and ADSB… Just for some change and laugh :slight_smile:


The Video is blocked for users from Germany due to licensing issues :wink:

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Oh, you missed the laugh. It is a nice short comedy video. It is a German production. You might have watched it on TV.

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If you really want to see it set your VPN to a server outside Germany.

Its a documentary so not that funny. :wink:


I know how that all works out. I just wanted to mention to @abcd567 that the Video is not working for everyone :wink:

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