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Automated Installation of ModeSMixer2 & ModeSDeco2 on RPi

(1) Easy Installation - Just copy-paste one command to run bash script and it does everything.

(2) Automatic start - systemd service automatically starts it at boot/reboot.

(3) Easy monitoring & control - Provides commands systemctl status, systemctl stop, systemctl start, and systemctl restart.

(4) Easy configuration - Provides a separate config file in simple format, each config item on a separate line.


ModeSMixer2: https://github.com/abcd567a/mm2/blob/master/README.md

ModeSDeco2: https://github.com/abcd567a/md2/blob/master/README.md


Do NOT install ModeSDeco2 if you already have dump1090-fa (or mutability) installed on your RPi, as this will cause conflict (unless you have two serialized dongles plugged into RPi, and configure dump1090 & ModeSDeco2 for their respective dongle’s serial number).

ModeSMixer2 and dump1090-fa (or mutability) can be installed on the same RPi without any conflict.


Good Job, thank you

I’ve installed it manually but for users with only little knowledge about Linux a good option

Manual is good for experts, and also for novice if he/she wants to learn Linux.
However most novice will be discouraged by manual method and will run away.
For them I have created these bash scripts to make their life easy.

Great to know you have done it manually.
Are you using /etc/rc.local or /lib/systemd/system/mm2.service ?

i am using systemd, works as expected

What do you think about ModeSdeco2?


Can I install ModeSDeco2 on the same RPi already feeding FA and RadarBox?

Is there any ‘benefit’ installing ModeSmixer2 for only one RPi, that is, not aggregating many streams?

The RPi in question is running the Piaware 3.7.1 SD image, if that makes a difference.


In my opinion dump1090-fa and dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev have better decoders. Also if you want mlat feedback from FA, then I am not sure if ModeSDeco2 is capable to handle it.

I used it a long time ago on my windows laptop. Back then it was basic. Maybe it has more modern features.

No harm in trying. However you will have to first uninstall dump1090.

If you dont like it, you can uninstall it easily.

sudo systemctl stop md2
sudo systemctl disable md2
sudo rm /lib/systemd/system/md2.service
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/md2
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ModeSDeco2 is a decoder, and an alternate to dump1090-fa. There is no use of installing it alongwith any version of dump1090. It will rather fight with dump1090 to grab the dvbt dongle. Please do NOT install it on Piaware SD card image, or any install already having dump1090.

ModeSMixer2 does NOT have a decoder. It is only a mixer, and can peacefully co-exist with any version of dump1090. You can install it on Piaware image without it causing any trouble.

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I know better than this, but completely missed it.:disappointed:

No benefit installing it if not mixing different streams, I guess.

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ModeSDeco2 has its web interface like DUMP1090 does. Back then it was easy to play with on Windows because I had set it up with different .bat files

It does mix different streams. It also takes in stream in one format, and outputs in various other formats.

I have 2 instances of dump1090 and 2 instances of piaware running on one RPi. This is a temporary arrangement to restore the station which was running on orangepi pc which died 3 weeks ago, and replacement orange Pi was shiped by Aliexpress from China in a dinghy :slight_smile: , so will take long time to reach me

The first instance outputs on default ports 30005 and 30105. The second I have configured to output on ports 31005 and 31105. This is how I mix the 4 feeds:


Do not use output of ModeSMixer2 to feed other sites if MLAT is also infed to it. It cant keep mlat separate.

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I knew MM2 was capable of doing a good job as a mixing software and I have mine set up to provide just like you have set in your first line and I get MLAT results for the MM2 webmap. I have more dongles and two extra pi3b I thought of running a second Pi with DUMP1090 mutable or now with ModeSDeco2 and input their data to the same instance of MM2. Using the extra Pi as a MLAT feeder. But, until my foot heals up that is a thought.

OK, thanks. I don’t have a need to convert or mix streams right now, but your installation script is excellent for those not able or willing to do a manual installation. Well done!

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Does he instillation scrip work well on Buster? I may write a Buster lite image for one of my Pi3b+ and install MM2 onto it.

If you are using dump1090-fa, my advise is to keep away from the decoder ModeSDeco2.

In my opinion, the decoder part of dump1090-fa (or mutab) is better.

As regards to graphical interface, depends on individual taste & choice. The ModeSDeco2 & ModeSMixer2 both have charts, which dump1090 lacks.

However no harm in using ModeSMixer2 with dump1090. These two can coexist happily, and you can have charts also, so best of both worlds :slight_smile:

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I have it installed on a separate Pi with Buster and running good as a basic set up. I need to add the silhouettes, flags, and a basestation.sqb file

I have installed my silhouettes folder, logos folder, and a flightroute.sqb and basestation.sqb so that the Mapview list will show the silhouette, aircraft and route info.
this was added to the mm2.conf file when it was edited at first;
–frdb /home/pi/flightroute.sqb
–silhouettes /home/pi/silhouettes
–pictures /home/pi/logos
–db /home/pi/basestation.sqb

It all works well now.

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You mean ModesMixer2…

Sure therere are benefits (based on your individual requirement)
Other map interface, different layout of aircraft list, more/different graphs…

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For the sake of experimenting and learning I have also on the same pi added ModeSdeco2 and feeding it from a cheap Chinese ADSB antenna on a shelf and it runs very well. I had set it up with the same arguments as I did for ModeSMixer2 except no inconnect. Looks like some experimenting and learning.

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