Automated Email Responder


I’m looking to set up an automated email responder similar to the one FlightAware uses to send METAR’s and TAF’s to people blackberrys and cell phones. The application has nothing to do with aviation but would help my company a lot. If anyone knows how this is done, or can give me some advice please let me know!



Best bet is to enter “automated email responder” into Google or the search engine of your choice. Then, after finding some that look suitable for your needs, repeat the process but add the word “reviews” to see what others think.

Caveat: Look at has many different reviews as possible. There are some companies out there that spike the reviews. One sign to look for is a review that praises the software highly. At the end, it has a sentence or two about some minor problem with it. There’s a good chance that this is a spiked review.

Good luck in your search.


There are many email responders out there, but they seem to be limited to canned emails, and maybe the ability to copy the senders name into the email. i.e. “Thank you Joe” instead of “Thank you customer.” I need something that will do a simple math calculation based on the time the email was sent. Flight aware seems to be able to send up to date weather info with no problem. Any ideas?