ATC comms and United Airlines flights on FA

I’m new to FA, but I did read the FAQ.

I’m a frequent listener to ATC in the SF Bay Area. I note the for most flights, FA is pretty accurate when compared to what I’m hearing on the ATC comms…this is with the exception of United Airlines. It seems that the majority of the time when I hear United flight XXX, I look it up in FA and it exists, but usually for the prior day and shows arrived “1 day ago,” etc.

I do note that when I call up the map for KSFO area traffic, I can many times see the flight there, but still get the results listed above.

Perhaps it’s me but anyone else notice issues with United flights?

If the flight is on the map (and IFR), then it should be in the database within 1 minute. Is the flight listed in scheduled departures? How long does it take for the current flight information to appear on the flight page?

I’ll try to find some specific examples, to help.

Well I think I discivered that I am just impatient. I just successfully tracked 6 consecutive United departures from SFO. It does take up to 3 or four minutes for some of them to appear, comparing to the radiio traffic, but the reported location and altitudes were very accurate.