ATC Callsigns I couldnt find

During my USA tour yesterday I wrote down some Callsigns of interest, but there are a few I cannot find.

Dixie (I think is AirTran)
Racetrack 301
Red Shirt 301
Golden Gate 131
8856XX (couldnt understand the last 2 # from either ATC or the plane)
Convoy 4039 (I think I found it, might be USN Flights)

Of interest I also Heard
Navy JU296
Navy RS616

Those are just plain Tail code +last 3or 4 of BUNO. We used to us that when I flew as an A/C in the
Navy often (Like JQ888) when we flew Buno 148888.

also 161307 with tail Code 7F (for Brunswick) we would be 7F1307

Dixie is not AirTran (AirTran is “Citrus”)

Golden Gate is SP Aviation (A San Francisco based charter company).

I can’t find the other ones either, not even in the FAA database!

“Dixie” is usually the KC-135s out of KBHM- Birmingham, AL.

Dixie is also used to identify taxiways at some places like KATL, with all of the DAL movements. It’s even mentioned as such on the airport diagram and in the AF/D. It’s to distinguish the taxiway from the callsign.