Arrived() returns only the previous 24 hours of data?


I am using SOAPpy, like this:

enroute = DF.Arrived('KPTD',15,'',0)

I seem to only get 2 or 3 results returned, all within the previous 24 hours.

This is a low volume airport, so 15 results should span 2 or 3 days at least.

Is the Arrived() method limited to 24 hours or some other ‘short’ timerange?

If yes, what is the exact look-back time period it covers. I need to know so I can setup my polling schedule.

I'd really prefer to poll once a week and get a weeks worth of data.


That behavior is by design. The Arrived/Departed/Enroute/Scheduled return data for only a few hours of traffic since they are intended to represent recent information. The backend systems that we use to return many of the FlightXML queries are designed for high-performance and high-volume queries and only store a limited time window. You should feel free to make your application poll at a more frequent interval in order to capture all of the data you need.


Ok, how long exactly is the “limited time window”?

I do not want to poll too frequently and incur unnecessary charges.



For Arrived/Departed/Enroute/Scheduled the threshold is 24 hours.

With the Arrived function specifically, either the actual arrival time or the time of cancellation must be within the last 24 hours.


Thanks for the info!