API stops returning same day flights at specific time of day


It seems that not all flights are being returned by the API after a certain time of day. For instance, when I query this endpoint flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/FlightXML2/wsdl with the same airport codes and different times, as soon as I pass in a time that is after 3:59PM PST, the API only returns flights for the following day despite there being valid flights after that time the same day. We are using a 24 hour window.

Passing in 1452643140 (3:59PM PST) returns flights after then and before midnight as well as flights for the next day.
Passing in 1452643200 (4:00PM PST) only returns flights for the following day.

My guess is that since 4:00PM PST is midnight UTC, this may be causing the behavior. However, if I convert PST to UTC, that will not return the same day flights.


Which specific function are you calling? I don’t think you mentioned it.


We are doing a GET request to flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/FlightXML2/wsdl and then calling flight_info_ex.


Are you using howMany=1? If so, you are probably hitting the time period when the next day’s flight is added to the system and because the results are reverse ordered by time you will only see that one future flight. It is recommended you use howMany > 1 and write your application code to iterate over the results and look for the specific day you want, rather than assuming it will always be the first result returned.


We are passing howMany = 15 and are getting more than one flight back. They just all are for the next day past 4:00PM PST.

When you say they are reverse ordered, are they reverse ordered by departure or arrival time?


The results should be reverse ordered by filed_departuretime.

When you pass howMany = 15, are you getting more than 1 but fewer than 15 flights returned?

Check that all of the results being returned are different times. Perhaps you are not actually iterating over the results because of an incorrect loop variable or something?