Arrival time wrong; tail number wrong

This morning’s flight (N8443L) shows that I made from Dixon, Illinois to Kansas City and went back in time by four minutes. Good trick – wish I could actually do it.

Also, being an air taxi, I usually file TN8443L not just N8443L. Sometimes it is traceable with the “T” prefix, sometimes not. What is the difference?

Lastly, Flightaware is not showing the ground tracking all of the time (N8443L flight on 5-6-08). Why?

Regarding the duration: it’s actually negative four minutes, which is truly impressive; part of an ongoing bug the dev team is working on.

Regarding the identification: We trim off the air taxi and lifeguard prefixes so all flights for a tail number are displayed on one page. We still note the flight had a prefix and will display the prefix some time in the future.

Regarding a missing track: All of your flights on May 6 are showing tracks.