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Arrival Confirmation for UAE304 5th July


I was tracking today’s flight UAE304, from Dubai (DXB) to Shanghai (PVG), via FlightXML3 -> FlightInfoStatus method, and also following it from your site and something really strange happened.
From your site I swear I saw another message different than “ESTIMATED ARRIVAL”, something like “ARRIVED 5 minutes ago” , with the arrival datetime filled. Seconds later the page is refreshed and than ESTIMATED ARRIVAL is shown in a grey color. My question is why this happened? It is also shown (not italicized ) arrival datetimes (landing) 22:20 CTS.

Querying your API i get the actual arrival time equal to actual departure time, and a status message: result_unknown.
In your site you appear to have the correct landing time, but from your api result I can’t obtain that information:

                "ident": "UAE304",
                "faFlightID": "UAE304-1562132100-schedule-0000",
                "airline": "UAE",
                "airline_iata": "EK",
                "flightnumber": "304",
                "tailnumber": "A6-EUA",
                "type": "Form_Airline",
                "blocked": false,
                "diverted": false,
                "cancelled": false,
                "origin": {
                    "code": "OMDB",
                    "city": "Dubai",
                    "alternate_ident": "DXB",
                    "airport_name": "Dubai Int'l"
                "destination": {
                    "code": "ZSPD",
                    "city": "Shanghai",
                    "alternate_ident": "PVG",
                    "airport_name": "Shanghai Pudong Int'l"
                "filed_ete": 27780,
                "filed_airspeed_kts": 399,
                "distance_filed": 4010,
                "filed_departure_time": {
                    "epoch": 1562304900,
                    "tz": "+04",
                    "dow": "Friday",
                    "time": "09:35",
                    "date": "07/05/2019",
                    "localtime": 1562319300
                "estimated_departure_time": {
                    "epoch": 1562307420,
                    "tz": "+04",
                    "dow": "Friday",
                    "time": "10:17",
                    "date": "07/05/2019",
                    "localtime": 1562321820
                "actual_departure_time": {
                    "epoch": 1562307471,
                    "tz": "+04",
                    "dow": "Friday",
                    "time": "10:17",
                    "date": "07/05/2019",
                    "localtime": 1562321871
                "departure_delay": 1320,
                "filed_arrival_time": {
                    "epoch": 1562332680,
                    "tz": "CST",
                    "dow": "Friday",
                    "time": "21:18",
                    "date": "07/05/2019",
                    "localtime": 1562361480
                "estimated_arrival_time": {
                    "epoch": 1562335620,
                    "tz": "CST",
                    "dow": "Friday",
                    "time": "22:07",
                    "date": "07/05/2019",
                    "localtime": 1562364420
                "actual_arrival_time": {
                    "epoch": 1562307471,
                    "tz": "CST",
                    "dow": "Friday",
                    "time": "14:17",
                    "date": "07/05/2019",
                    "localtime": 1562336271
                "arrival_delay": 60,
                "status": "result unknown",
                "progress_percent": 100,
                "aircrafttype": "A388",
                "full_aircrafttype": "A388",
                "adhoc": false

Please also check attached printscreen.
I want at least obtain the correct landing time appearing in your site, but I’m not getting those values.

Thanks in advance.


Can anyone assist?


The site it showing an estimated arrival. The time value is the same as the estimated arrival shown in FlightXML.

It looks like a gate arrival was confirmed without a runway arrival confirmation. The page may use this information in its display while FlightXML doesn’t consider it due to the optional nature of ex_data requests.

Hi @dogrock,

Where is the value of 22:20 CTS arrival date in flight xml, like you said the values were the same?
Estimated is 22:07 CTS, and arrival is way diffente 14:17 CTS. None of these values equal 22:20 CTS :\


Hello again,

Correct me if I’m wrong.
“Result unknown” nowadays in your API status result equals to your “Estimated Arrival” in your page, right?
In these cases, actual_departure_time.epoch is the same as actual_arrival_time.epoch, meaning that I should not register the actual arrival time with this value. So, in these cases, the most valid record we have to register actual_arrival_time is in fact the estimated_arrival_time.epoch, right?


Yes, that is just a wording/usability improvement in how our website displays flights. “Estimated arrival” is the same meaning as “Result unknown”

Ok, so in cases like this one, the most valid record we have to register actual_arrival_time is in fact the estimated_arrival_time.epoch, right? And is it normally the right/correct one, right?

You would still compare whether actual_departure_time.epoch is the same as actual_arrival_time.epoch (and is non-zero) to check for the “Estimate arrival” (aka “Result unknown”) condition.

If you need to display a timestamp of the probable arrival time, you could either use the estimated_arrival_time, or alternatively use the GetFlightTrack function to get the timestamp of the last position from the flight log.

@bovineone thanks for the support.