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Arm64 - mlat-client vs. Python3

I have a small problem here, set up a new feeder based on arm64 Debian.

Compiled and installed dump1090-fa just fine, build piaware using piaware-builder and installed everything.
Dump1090-fa works, piaware works but mlat-client does not work.

Armbian 4.4.184-rockchip64, Piaware 3.7.2, Python 2.7.16 & 3.7.3

systemctl status reports:
mlat-client(3637): Fatal Python error: initfsencoding: Unable to get the locale encoding
mlat-client(3637): ImportError: invalid flags 1554269952 in ‘encodings’
mlat-client(3637): Current thread 0x0000007fa2bfa010 (most recent call first):
got EOF from multilateration client
fa-mlat-client exited with SIG SIGABRT

How do I get mlat-client working as the issue is related to an incompatibility with Python3 as google suggests.

After doing ./sensible-build.sh stretch:
In package-stretch directory do the following:

rm -r cx_Freeze-5.1.1
git clone https://github.com/anthony-tuininga/cx_Freeze.git cx_Freeze-5.1.1

Compile again and install.
It should work then.

I faced same problem, and found workaround when @obj advised that the problem is due to cx_Freez. Have a look at these two posts:

Many thanks for the quick response.
And happy to report that mlat-client is working now.

As it is now confirmed that cx_Freez-5.1.1 is causing mlat/Python3 issue on some distros/architecture, hopefully @obj will take care of it in the next version of piaware_builder.

Yeah, I’ll be fixing this when I do the work to support Buster shortly.


Thanks a lot.