Arik Air to JFK … /DNMM/KJFK

Another new airline for JFK. This is Arik Air from Nigeria.


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Arik Air is indeed operating to JFK now. … -to-lagos/

As further confirmation. I just heard Arik 108 departing on the JFK Tower LATC scanner feed. Nice looking livery on these planes as well.

Shouldn’t every flight be flight #419?


Yes, except those flights that aren’t 419.

I wonder if first class is reserved for Barristers and royalty only with all those damn checks they owe me for our business transactions.

Going from Terminal 4 to 2, the Delta bus drove right past Arik Air’s A340

Just noticed that FlightAware says the prefix “ARA” “Airborne Aerobeira”.

Shouldn’t it be…

Company - ARIK AIR LTD
Country - NIGERIA
Telephony - ARIK AIR
Prefix - ARA

I agree since I posted the original information about this airline. The moderators must have missed it. They have been excellent at changing erroneous information in the past.