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api money costs

why api cost money if all data is provided free by all members? feeder members dont have free access to api?


IMHO only: Flightaware is a for-profit business. In return to feeding data to it, FA provides me with a complimentary Enterprise account and forgoes the $89.95 revenue it might otherwise collect. So in essence, FA ‘pays’ for the feed, and I am ‘paid’ for providing the service. It’s not free.

The API includes a lot more data sources than what is provided by the community. We currently grant community users the equivalent of an Enterprise account, which actually gives you access to see data and flights that are not just sourced from community ADS-B data, but also adhoc flights from radar and privately operated ADS-B sites. If you wish, you can get your raw data from your local box free off TCP ports exposed by dump1090.