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API minutes_out Push Notifications

We are currently subscribing to aircraft using the API (SetAlert) with the channel set to

{minutes_out 30} {16 e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled}

We are receiving the departure, arrival, filed, etc eventcodes but notand events with the eventcode “minutes_out”. Based on the output of GetAlerts, it looks like we are successfully subscribed to the minutes_out channel. E.g.

“alert_id”: 1000,
“enabled”: true,
“description”: “Registration/Tail # …”,
“type”: “General_Aviation”,
“ident”: “…”,
“user_ident”: “”,
“aircrafttype”: “”,
“origin”: “”,
“destination”: “”,
“date_start”: 0,
“date_end”: 0,
“channels”: [
“channel_id”: -1,
“channel_name”: “minutes_out”,
“mask_summary”: “30”
“channel_id”: 16,
“channel_name”: “FlightXML push”,
“mask_summary”: “meetingFlight”,
“e_filed”: true,
“e_departure”: true,
“e_arrival”: true,
“e_diverted”: true,
“e_cancelled”: true,
“target_address”: “…”
“alert_created”: 1610458288,
“alert_changed”: 1610549063

Any thoughts?

You need to include the e_eta mask when setting up the alert to get the minutes_out alert FYI.