API for Personal Use


Is there any chance that there is an FA API (maybe undocumented?) that will allow me to access my site’s data from remote sites? I am currently reading the data file directly off of the file system but that is only doable locally. This is for a small personal project.


The SkyView page uses data from your local site - you can access those files (e.g. aircraft.json, status.json) from anywhere. They’re documented here: https://blackswan.ch/?p=429


Or, you know, the original source which that page has copied without attribution: https://github.com/flightaware/dump1090/blob/master/README-json.md


I was looking for that but my Google-fu was obviously lacking this afternoon.


Thank you. I am already pulling from aircraft.json but was hoping there was something I could access remotely and without exposing that file to the internet.


The free tier of FlightXML 3 lets you do geospatial queries around your PiAware location.


I had to setup a Google API for my VRS Server. At first it was a pain getting it all figured out but after words not really all that hard. And there is really no way unless your hitting it hard you would be pressed to hit the limit of hits google gives you. Which I think is either 15K or 25K something like that.