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Anyone used the AirNav Micro RadarBox?

TL;DR: title, I guess.
Has anyone gotten a chance to use the Micro RadarBox? Does it work correctly with the Raspberry Pi-based software stacks? To be clear, I’m not expecting anything big from this hardware, but at $10 including the antenna, I figure it’s a pretty trivial way to get my feet wet in this world by ordering one and popping it onto my Pi Zero W. So if anyone has used one and is able to confirm that it works even slightly, that would be really helpful. Thanks!


Do you mean this one?

Yep, that’s the one.

I have not tried it but apparently it seems to be the Generic DVB-T which is available on ebay and amazon for about $10. Only one who has used it can tell with certainty.

You better ask this question in RadarBox24 forum

The spec / description suggest it’s a generic RTL receiver. That being the case, it’ll work fine out of the box.

But … you can do a lot better.

The Airnav green stick has a filter and amp built in and will perform much better for ADS-B.

The antenna supplied with the Micro (odd name as it is the same size as most others) is nothing special.
You can easily make an antenna that will perform just as badly!

Cheaper on eBay. Intro only. User will soon yearn for more.

Sample of one. Not worth saving the $5-10 instead of buying an FA Pro+.

Sample of one?
(I use three)
A side by side comparison with a Pro+ would be interesting, but I suspect they’d be a close match.

I have the green one (FlightStick), works OK.
Now ordered blue & red also to complete the color spectrum R B G :wink:




This seem to be really only a generic device which can be bought in most of electronic stores. Radarbox just changed the label and the box.

A comparison with a FA Pro plus stick (which includes an LNA and a Filter) woudl give clear results.
A comparsion only makes sense with teh green RB stick, not with that black one.
It will work as ADS-B feeder, but not better or more worse than any other DVB-T stick

Yes - that’s what we were talking about.

The “micro” is an entry level device.
The Airnav Green and FA Pro+ both have filters and amps built in making a comparison worthwhile.

Yes, one. My green RadarBox stick was no match for the FA Pro+. It has been duly round-filled. I may have received a bad one, who knows?


In this thread we are talking about the cheap DVB-T stick which is labeled for usage as a “Radarbox” Stick and not the green one with integrated LNA.
Having a comparison beween this and the blue FA stick is a different topic and i am sure i’ve read a comparison here or somewhere else.

We had a workshop the other day with my colleagues. As a side project (to avoid talking about work 24 hours a day) we built overall five receivers as a team building event.
With that we hade five identical Raspberries and overall three green RB sticks and two blue FA sticks.

With the same indoor antennas the blue stick performed a bit better, but very close followed by the RB stick

Heavy environment in the middle of Vienna, so pretty much noise around.


Speak for yourself.
I said the “Micro” appeared to be a generic spec stick and went on to say the OP could do better with the Green stick instead.
@Dxista replied saying he believed the FA Pro+ to be superior to the Green.
@abcd567 then said he has a Green and is assembling a rainbow!

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Ordered a “Micro”, just to see if the “Micro” is something special or the ordinary dongle re-labelled.

Already have the green one, but ordered one more now as “spare part”, in case any of my dongles fail. Saved on shipping cost (they are shipping two, but charged shipping for one only). Waiting for delivery.


Pretty sure nothing special. Why should RB invent the wheel new for that price