Anyone ever seen anything like this?

So last night I was bored and was looking at some pictures and came across this one on of an Extra 300S doing a “flyby” at an airshow. Has anyone ever seen a plane this low to the ground (that didn’t end in catastrophe)? Absolutely amazing photo and insane flying (if that’s what it’s called 2’ off the ground) as well… … 0997a03540

It’s higher than it looks.

When you use a picture from, you should use the shorter link located above the picture where it says “URL (link) to this photo:”

In this case, it is … 1516723/M/ in this case.

If I had looked a little better, I would have noticed the link. And maybe it’s an illusion, but it sure looks like it’s sitting on the ground.

Nope. That’s freakin’ LOW!!!

Thanks for the pic WiserTime07… that’s a keeper! Just look at the rudder and the pilot’s focus- Great! :smiley:

And another one - and the pilot’s actually waving at the camera - unbelievable!

Now THAT is a great pic!!! Thanks Wiser… :smiley:

Edit- I can just HEAR the sound and smell the smoke in my head… :smiley:

How possible is it that the guy just took off and banked left?


Given the plane’s orientation of about 45 degrees RIGHT to the taxiway in the background, and the plane banking left… I’d say it’s a LOW probability. (no pun intended)